Ohio Amateur Radio Involved in State Planning for 2024 Solar Eclipse

This was an article in the Oct 20 ARES Letter http://www.arrl.org/ares-el?issue=2021-10-20 
This is something to keep in mind as we make improvements to our stations and participate in our Monday night nets.  This link has information about the 2024 eclipse for Ohio and other states. https://nationaleclipse.com/overview.html

Ohio Amateur Radio Involved in State Planning for 2024 Solar Eclipse

At first, it seemed to be a bit of a reach - launching planning for an event 2 years in the future. But as Ohio Homeland Security/Emergency Management planners explain, the predicted solar eclipse promises to bring hundreds of thousands of people into many Ohio counties - and Ohio agencies such as responders, hospital and medical providers, highway crews, and tourist organizations will need to be prepared for the onslaught. Mass care, communication, possible shelters, and many other aspects have to be carefully provisioned. Complicating this, the date for the eclipse is April 8, and Ohio weather being what it is at that time of year, spectators could be in conditions ranging from 2 feet of snow to 80-degree temperatures.

Included in the planning was "Ohio Amateur Radio," bringing the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) in on the ground floor, led by Ohio EMA Planner Colin Campbell. Several hundred agency representatives are divided into service areas, including communication and emergency medical care. Those two sub-groups include amateur radio, with ARES Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator Stan Broadway, N8BHL, to provide input on the capabilities and services available through ham radio operators.

Planning is underway and will continue right up until the actual event takes place. The eclipse will place nine Ohio counties exactly on the "line of totality," with complete darkness. Thirty-five more counties will watch it as a full eclipse. Many more of Ohio's 88 counties will see a partial eclipse.

There are over 1,000 ARES members in Ohio, and this event will probably involve many of them in this "all hands" effort to provide communication and messaging to served agencies. - Thanks, ARRL Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator Stan Broadway, N8BHL