Upcoming Projects

160m Support pole

Poles going up for a 160m loop antenna.

The covid infection rate has been increasing a lot. This effects when we will be able to do face to face activities.
Please let me know if you are interested in helping out with some upcoming projects at EMA Station 720 when we are able to do so.
The projects at Station 720 are as follows:

  • Communications Vehicle work - The EMA has an old ambulance that we can setup and use as a communications vehicle. It will need to have radios mounted inside it, along with figuring out what we want to put in it and how we want to organize things. It will include both EMA radio equipment and amateur radio equipment
  • 160m Loop antenna - Two out of 3 poles have been put up to support a 160m loop antenna. After the third pole is in place, work on the loop antenna can start. This will be a group effort between the Union County Amateur Radio Club and our ARES group.  
  • Internet - Station 720 is getting a fiber internet connection. Details are being worked out to see about using it for the DMR repeater and also to add an allstar link/echolink node directly to the 145.350 repeater controller. After the internet connection is setup we will need to re-organize the radio room at Station 720. This will also be a group effort between the Union County Amateur Radio Club, EMA, and our ARES group.
  • HF Beam antenna on tower - the HF beam antenna on top of the tower will need to be looked at and adjusted or repaired. This will take some coordination with the EMA, and possibly a tower climber/crew and lift.

If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, let Ed, KE8ANU know via e-mail